Welcome to my own art studio located in the TK Building in Pioneer Square, Seattle. I just signed my lease today. 

Onward, to a life in the arts.

Otro David (Santo) con un Celular, 2014Digital Photograph

Otro David (Santo) con un Celular, 2014
Digital Photograph

You are all so good to me. It means a lot. 😭 *teary-eyed emoji*

So, I was emailed by an arts/nonprofit administrator for a full time assistant job opening that is not even officially posted, while encouraging me to apply.

I applied.

And I am so nervous and excited about it. I feel special and hopefully the fact that they emailed me before official posting means good news for myself.

Selfie dramático de buenas noches, 2014digital image

Selfie dramático de buenas noches, 2014
digital image

I applied for a part-time job related to my degree. Send me good energies. 

Rituals of a Falling Crane, 2014.gif

Rituals of a Falling Crane, 2014

roscofillmore replied to your post: Rituals of a Falling Crane, 201435mm C…

I watched as they took it down while in Cal Anderson.. That thing was like a Capitol Hill staple, always looming over Dick’s and the like. Kinda sad to see it go..

I agree. It was a bittersweet experience to see it coming apart. No more checking in at the Big Crane on instagram or foursquare. 

Rituals of a Falling Crane, 2014
35mm Color Film

Cranes mark the skyline, as they mark the city.
They symbolize the ever changing infrastructure of the city.
They are necessary for the evils and benefits of a city’s growth.

I captured the moment in the evening of the big crane’s disassembling. The irony of its deconstruction as a marker for the nearing completion of its purpose. It’s an object that sacrifices while imposing itself in our daily lives.

We see it, and marvel with disgust. We might honor them as gods. We might feel betrayed by their presence.

Most of all, we must honor their presence, for better or for worse, as they paint the skyline with mighty power.

Thick caramel thighs.